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The Forfar Botanists

The tale of the Forfar Botanists is an inspirational one.  Five local men, who were all born into poverty with little formal education, all achieved lasting fame for their contributions to botany.  Their love of plants and their dedication took them to the far corners of the world and the heady heights of academia.


What’s New

The Myre Garden

The plans have been submitted for planning approval and we hope to start clearing the site in spring. Why not inspect the site before we start work? This is how it looks now.

The location is at the east end of the Myre car park.


Check out our diary to see what we are doing

The Friends

As a tribute to the Forfar Botanists, we are creating a garden at the Myre in Forfar and a grove of trees near Forfar Loch. Please have a look at our projects page to see all our plans.

Membership and Donations

Main Sponsors

George Don

Myosotis alpina Don Scotland

Thomas Drummond

Phlox drummondii USA

George Don Jnr

Oncidium donianum Brazil

David Don

Euphorbia donii Himalayas

James Drummond

Banksia drummondii Australia

Garden Appeal

Our sponsors have kindly provided funds to create the Myre garden. If you would like to help with the garden maintenance, and our other projects please donate here.